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It is estimated that the global death rate in traffic accidents is 1. This alarming rate has shifted focus to finding technological solutions to monitor and reduce the death rate in urban environments. In a recent pilot program conducted in the states of Utah and Arizona, thermal cameras were placed on major highways to detect drivers traveling the wrong way.

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Even though these events do not occur regularly, the results can be harsh. The use of thermal cameras with clear images regardless of visibility conditions coupled with analytics software, can easily recognize pattern movements. In a period of just six months, these thermal imaging cameras provided more than 15 alerts of wrong way traffic to the authorities. By supplying immediate alerts to command and control centers, traffic officers could react and alert other drivers regarding the dangers ahead.

With more passengers choosing public transportation such as trains for their daily commutes, rail safety can pose a real challenge to authorities. Thermal imaging technology has gained importance in recent years due to its increasing applications in civilian sector, which has been made possible by the availability of a variety of infrared detectors an essential ingredient in the design of thermal imagers in the market.

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This up-to-date and comprehensive book on thermal imaging concentrates on two important issues: i design and ii applications of thermal imagers. The design details have typically been the preserve of design houses and are not readily available in open literature. Thousands and thousands of houses are ruined each year because of undetected moisture damage that is unknown until it is too late. Mold is dangerous and can spread quickly if left undetected.

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So how can a thermal imaging camera be helpful detecting leaks and moisture causing mold? Most professionals use it to spot insulation problems as well.

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Built in software can easily generate reports that you can send to homeowners or landlords for review. View a complete list of thermal cameras suitable for leak detection. As a home owner and do-it yourselfer you have gone ahead and switched out some of the light fixtures in your new home as well added a few extra switches to your wall outlet and to save money you have done it all yourself. What you may not know is if the house was wired to the correct standard when it was built.

If you are pulling too much power from one outlet it can cause a tremendous amount of heat that you may not notice when you flip the switch. Prolonged excess heat can damage your wall and potentially cause a fire. With a thermal imaging camera, you can simply point it at the wall and see if there are any heat spikes due to the additional wiring.


As a contractor or building inspector you may be called in to diagnose why the buildings AC or heating bill is so high — with a high grade Thermal imaging camera you can detect if there is missing insulation broken areas of duct work or other energy efficiency issues. You will also be able to inspect electrical boxes and circuits to ensure the wiring is correct and the circuits are not overloaded. Without a thermal imaging camera you would literally have to start crawling through the duct work or roof and try to visually diagnose what the issue was which would not only be more difficult but also take a tremendous amount of time.

View a complete list of the best thermal cameras for home inspections. Fire fighters face dangers every day.

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  6. The only way to protect themselves is to have proper equipment and gear. We all have seen expensive flame resistant suits and equipment, but they also have another tool in their hands — a powerful rugged thermal imaging camera that helps them cut through the smoke and haze quickly identifying unconscious people.

    They can also use the thermal camera to detect burned out breaker boxes in electrical fires. Thermal imaging cameras specially designed for fire service are rugged, waterproof and have built in view filters.

    These thermal cameras should also be NIST certified; more on that below. What is NIST and what does it have to do with thermal cameras? This agency is dedicated to advancing standards and technology around measurement science. Again, you are probably asking why do I care; well if you are using or will be using a thermal imaging camera in commercial applications or as a firefighter you very well may need a thermal camera that is NIST certified.

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    Thermal cameras that have been NIST certified cost more but are essentially guaranteed to produce the most accurate data and information. If you are monitoring multimillion dollar manufacturing facility or electrical equipment with very tight tolerances it can be essential that all the data being collected is as accurate as possible to ensure there are no breakdowns or damage to the equipment from operating temperatures that exceed the norm.

    If you are just going to be using your thermal camera around the house and for small non commercial home inspections then you probably do not need a NIST certified thermal camera and can save a few dollars on your purchase. Generally speaking, you ought to settle for the highest resolution you can possibly afford.

    You may consider the 60 by 60 and well to the by A good device should have a built-in camera which is used to capture the normal images. These serve as the references as well as the thermal images. At the same time, these cameras should also be able to convert any image into the JPEG besides e-mailing the same to the clients. It is necessary that the right thermal imaging camera possess as wide temperature range as possible.

    The camera of choice has to ideally be capable of combining visible light images and thermal images. If possible, the camera should have an app that is compatible with the tablet or smartphone you have in mind.

    This app will often help you in generating appropriate reports. This is to shield you from unnecessary risks and dangers that ordinarily arise in the time of use. The FLIR E4 thermal camera is a rugged device which is hand-held, sleek in design and rugged rubberized finish. It has the ability to withstand falls from 6 feet.