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Running time: minutes. Three stars out of four.

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They were all buddies and they wanted to do it. Both of those songs appear here, along with some lesser-known gems that rise to the surface.

At times, it could be a contentious union, especially when it came to the conflicting ideologies of Kristofferson and Jennings. They were hanging out in L.

The Highwayman

Jennings remembers the disagreements as squabbles among kids. Tension often results in great art, however, and on American Outlaws , the performances crackle. Jennings sings with a devilish swagger; Kristofferson, never the most pristine of vocalists, commands with steely determination; Nelson delivers his unconventional quaver; and Cash holds it all together with an imposing gravitas.

Through decades and generations, young kids will be listening to those songs 20 to 30 years from now and will find something to relate to within the message of the tune.

Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Highwayman

They just blew it out of the water. Jennings himself believed that to be true. A quote from his autobiography appears in the liner notes to American Outlaws.