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Or there is the account of the wedding shoes that pinched until the bride was in tears. But beneath this rippling surface of adventure, tenderness, and humor rides the gradual encroachment of the outside world on Rociada, one of the last survivals of the ancient Spanish way of life in the United States. Finally, this idyllic village succumbs to the invasion of tourists and the machine, and Rociada becomes only a dream of the past.

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Since he died in , his reputation has continued to grow and new honors have been added to his name. Laughing Boy , a novel of Navajo life, won the Pulitzer Prize in , putting his name in lights before he was Of his many books, Behind the Mountains has earned the affection of Santa Feans and New Mexicans, who continue to regard the book as a regional classic.

Santa Fe has changed a great deal—more than most people are prepared to acknowledge—since Oliver La Farge died. But with his name appropriately enshrined over the doorway of a library in Santa Fe, perhaps the Modern Age will not be inclined to forget his love for the city and for the people of the American Southwest. Arrayed against this good intent is the fresh reality of vigilante action and a lynching triggered by a gruesome murder and a distrust of civil justice, and ultimately, the final consequential Battle of Lightning Creek.

That lesser-known skirmish flared in November of that fateful year as a surprising encore on Wyoming soil pitting townspeople stirred up by a hectoring town father against young Sioux from the Pine Ridge Reservation on a sanctioned fall hunt.

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Will she find a job, learn to chop wood, be eaten by a bear or give it up and fall in love again? Her ex-husband gives her a year to live in the old adobe where they raised their children; then he plans to sell it so they can split the proceeds.

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But she wants to stay in the house forever. She has a year to come up with her own financing to buy out his half of the property or negotiate a deal with the neighbors. The house is falling apart, her money is running out and she has never applied for a loan in her life. I admire the devotion of the artists and craftsmen to their work, the loving care New Mexicans bestow on their churches and the close family ties that bond them in community.

Life here is hard, but often delicious. The energy, exotic flavors and bright colors of Taos are unique. She has won numerous literary prizes including the Katherine Anne Porter Award. The helpless aircraft, a fragment of society hurtling into his private paradise, both startles and angers him. With conflicting feelings, he seeks the crash site where he nurtures the survivors and fights those who would serve their selfish desires at the expense of those less capable. Blaine soon devises a means for their rescue and when a helicopter disappears into the distance with the survivors, he finds himself alone once again.

During the trek back to his cabin and throughout the long harsh winter, he often thinks of the young girl who lost her father and the elderly woman whose husband was killed. Later, responding to the girl's need for help, he leaves the wilderness. While helping her, he contacts his sister-in-law and her husband whom he has not seen since his family's funeral. To his astonishment, he learns that he has inherited acres of ranch land from his late wife.

Meanwhile, the eventual healing of the young girl triggers feelings and emotions that challenge those stirred by the beauty and contentment of his mountain retreat. Will he re-enter society or return to his beloved wilderness? There the daily stresses and pressures of the business world and modern life fade under the spell of that vast land of natural beauty.

Through the contrast of a fast-paced, competitive world and the serenity of the wilderness, the author has created this fictional story. In the midst of crashing bombs and depleted stores, the vastly outnumbered lines broke and commands disintegrated. With only rifles, a few rounds of ammunition, and an unshakable esprit de corps , they prepared to die but not surrender. In her award-winning history, Dorothy Cave follows the members of a small unit who played a key role in this pivotal moment in history.

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They were the first unit to fire when the Japanese struck. They guarded the bridges of the strategic retreat as all others crossed into Bataan to make the now-famous stand. They were the last to lay down arms, and did so only when ordered by the high command. Laughing at their captors, they sabotaged the Japanese war machine at every chance. Amid human depravity, described in graphic detail, they kept their faith, honor, and a profound love of their country. Theirs is a legacy of courage and something beyond. She has served as historical consultant for two film documentaries on the Battle of Bataan and the ensuing POW experience, and appears in both films as commentator.

The horror caused many returning to cry out for death.

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  • They carried the festering scars of battle and were unable to overcome the torment of their souls. This is the story of Thomas Wilson, a soldier who returns home haunted by the destruction and devastation he both witnessed and caused. Although his regiment respects and reveres him as a sharpshooter, each man he has killed condemns him to a life of terrifying dreams and troubled days where forgiveness can never be obtained.

    Neither the love of his family nor the affection of a woman with sparkling dark eyes and soft black hair can chase his war demons away, for he is beyond mercy. Now a retired educator with an ardent interest in early American history, Smith weaves the stories he heard as a child into all his novels.

    In Beyond His Mercy, he tells the story of his great-great grandfather, Lott Williams, who located the children of his murdered son-in-law and deceased daughter who lived in Cass County, Texas, and who then brought his grandchildren to live with him in Mississippi. Bernice Carton is part of that noble tradition as she depicts Brooklyn, New York in the glittering s and the depressed s—a time when America was innocent and hopeful. This evocative portrait will appeal to young people exploring their roots as well as to older people looking for the glow of cherished memories.

    Carton uses the eye of a journalist and the sensitivity of a novelist to explore a long-past world where nobody ever left Brooklyn because it was the center of the universe. Bernice Carton has sailed the seven seas but has never lost her love for home. Her travels have ranged from the Arctic to the Antarctic and just about everywhere in between. She's waded ashore to barter for lemons with tribal chiefs in the South Pacific, explored Alaska's Inside Passage, the fjords of Scandinavia, the secret islands of the Caribbean and Greece—all from the deck of a small sailboat.

    She has also spent evenings waltzing at the Vienna Opera Ball, been a guest at the palace of the Prince of Morocco, and has enjoyed dinners at the White House. Her writing and photography have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers across the US and Canada. While her schoolteacher mother in Brooklyn claimed half jokingly to be preparing her as a child to marry the then Prince of Rumania, she never did realize that ambition. Order from Sunstone: In the rough s coal mining town of Jericho, West Virginia, young Jonas McNabb is unjustly accused of knifing a man and is forced to flee into the mountains, one step ahead of the law, but in spite of this, he doubles back, in a daring move, to assure Laura Becker of his innocence, and his love.

    Now, Jonas faces a treacherous winter in the Appalachian Mountains and must call upon every ounce of his courage and resolve to survive, driven by the need to somehow clear his name and return for Laura. Dick Falzoi grew up in the small, southern tier village of Arkport, New York. Following a career as a commercial and portrait artist, he decided to pursue his dream as a writer. Dick Falzoi now lives in Geneva, New York, pursuing his love of music, reading, movies and fantasy sports.

    This is his first novel. The freezing winds off Lake Michigan swept across the snow laden grounds and through the cracks of a building that held Southern prisoners in Camp Douglas, Illinois. Huddled with the other prisoners, John mulled over the reasons he had enlisted, even after his father had forbidden it.

    He knew the only real reason was to protect his best friend Frankie, who had enlisted first but never even bothered to show up at the station when the recruits left for war. Shivering, he wondered if he would ever see his family again or especially the girl he had loved since childhood. John realized that nothing but an act of God could deliver him from this hell on earth. Four of his great grandfathers served in the Confederate Army, and he has long been fascinated with the Civil War.

    The main character, John Wilson, was named after his grandfather and many of the accounts of battle and prison life relate to his great grandfather, Joseph Williams, who lost an arm in the battle for Atlanta and was sent to Camp Douglas. Her search takes her from a well-ordered, happy married life into divorce, chaos, confusion and despair—and ultimately to the unexpected and profound answer to her quest. This story follows a modern-day seeker as she bicycles her way—alone on back roads and in long distance races—all the way home, where she finds herself as she finds the God she is seeking.

    Yoder, Ph.

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    Illustrations, cut-outs, stories, games, puzzles, pictures to color. Order from Sunstone: This comprehensive activity book for children offers over 50 pages of action-packed fun highlighting the contributions of Native American, Hispanic and Anglo peoples to our multi-cultural environment. It includes nine sections: The Land Desert Wonders Natural Things Pioneers Hispanic Heritage Native Crafts Kachina Art Sand Painting Mud, Clay and Stone Projects are presented in a variety of formats such as word searches, puzzles, matching objects, picture construction and mystery puzzles that offer fascinating facts about the American Southwest and natural history that entertain and stretch the mind.

    Walter D. Yoder received a Ph. This book, one of a series, was a selection of the Mystery Book Club.

    She also does a nice job of working in a few side stories to keep the plot moving—big on dialog and relaxing for the brain. Games, cut-outs, puzzles, stories and pictures to color. Order from Sunstone: Here is a comprehensive activity book for children which entertains and stretches the mind. The Big New Mexico Activity Book offers over 90 pages of action-packed fun highlighting the contributions of Native American, Hispanic and Anglo peoples to our multi-cultural environment.

    Projects are presented with a variety of formats such as word searches, puzzles, matching objects, picture construction and more. The author has richly illustrated this one-of-a-kind book with over black and white pictures.

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    That official search was called off within two weeks with few leads. That plane and those four men had disappeared off the planet. The entire search effort ranks as one of the largest in State history, lasting nearly five years. An incredible, true story of how two young hikers in the remote mountains of New Mexico stumbled on the greatest discovery of not only their lives but the lives of hundreds of others.

    That discovery would change everything, forever, for everyone involved. Bruce Gallaher was born and raised in New Mexico. He was a respected hydrologist at national research laboratory where he conducted water resources investigations and contamination studies and was active exploring the outdoors with boots, bikes, and skis.

    Order from Sunstone: This comprehensive activity book for children offers action-packed fun highlighting the contributions of the Hispanic Colonial settlers in the multi-cultural environment of the American Southwest.