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Follen with long, thick, black hair and a moustache and beard flowing into each other like the Mosel and the Rhine, — and behold Ferdinand Freiligrath! His poetry is fresh and vir- tuous? By William Howitt. Thus the poet by the year was no longer a stranger to American readers, who were better able to appreciate his political sentiments than the Englishman upon whose ears they fell. With the publication of the Glatcbensbekenntniss in Freiligrath soon felt forced to revive his early dream of visiting foreign lands ; this time, however, not for pleasure, as he had hoped in his early reading of books of travel, but for shelter from hostility at home.

Andrews Norton, June 12, S. He has left us in a letter an account of this offer : "Die Frankfurter O. Postamtszeitung soil mich gratis nach Amerika reisen lassen. The true state of Freiligrath's mind, however, is revealed in a letter written to his mother and family from Brussels, Nov. This letter shows clearly that he had at this time no notion of taking up his residence in the new world, but rather intended to keep, as nearly as possible, to the borders of his native land.

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Having outlined his purpose of settling " in irgend einem traulichen Ufereckchen der Maas," perhaps at Huy, he adds : " Was ihr sonst etwa hort, ich ginge nach Amerika und dergleichen ist gelogen und aus der Luft gegriffen. Wenn mich Gott gesund und am Leben laszt, denk ich Frankreich, England und Nordamerika noch zu besuchen, aber nicht um dort wohnen zu bleiben. J But as the candidates for the place were all friends of Long- fellow, he was unable to make special effort for any one. Besides, as he says in the letter, the authorities were likely to prefer an American. What might have been the result to American let- ters with Ferdinand Freiligrath as Professor of German Litera- ture in Harvard University is a matter of very interesting speculation.

From this time Freiligrath seems to have settled down to his old plan of living in England. His purpose of visiting America was kept alive in his later years by the emigration of his two surviving sons, Wolfgang and Percy, to America. In fact the other son Otto, who died young, had only been dissuaded from coming to Montreal by the earnest entreaties of his father.

Wolfgang sailed for America June 25, , and settled first in St. Peter, Minnesota, as fur-trader. Buchner states that he went later to California. Wolfgang returned to England in to marry Miss Eastman, and their son was called Ferdinand to perpetuate the name of the poet. Ebooks and Manuals

Percy was sent by his em- ployers in Antwerp in the summer of to America, but returned to make his home with his mother in Dusseldorf. Freiligrath's gesammelte Gedichten, 5 Aufl. Stuttgart, Longfellow's letters in Samuel Longfellow's H. Longfellow, ii, f ; Novem- ber, Freiligrath was more or less closely acquainted with many prominent Germans in America, Gisberte mentions the family Kapp, and Buchner shows us his relations to Heinzen, Karl Schurz and others, f The golden links in the chain of Freiligrath's friendship with Americans was his long and intimate acquaintance with the poet Longfellow.

From the first meeting at St.

Goar in till the last years of Freiligrath's life the bond of sympathy between the two poets continued strong in spite of the vicissitudes of the years. The efforts of Longfellow to secure a position in America for Freiligrath were rewarded richly by the latter's German translations of the American poet's poems. The Ger- man Hiawatha became almost as popular as the American original and contributed greatly to the fame of Longfellow beyond the Atlantic. When the critical organs of the time in England were puzzled over the metre of Uiaivatha, it was Freiligrath who gave the best solution of the problem.

The last thoughts of the German poet after his return from exile turned to his American friend. Dem Pfade Hell, den du betreten! Wir griissen dich, wir sind dir nah Das Glas geiiillt! Hoch die Poeten, Die deutschen, in Amerika! Then among his very last words in a letter to ,Karl Elze he pays this farewell tribute to Longfellow, which are the most fitting expressions of the tender ties which unite the two great lands, Germania and America : " Kennst du Longfellow's nobles Gedicht Morituri Sahitamtis, welches er vorigen Sommer seinen ier Classengenossen im Bowdoin College wedmete? ADE - Diets & Weight Loss / Health, Fitness & Dieting: Books

Du findest es in dem eben erschien- enen jungsten Bandchen Longfellow'scher Gedichte : The Masque of Pandora and other poems. Morituri Salutamus! An Karl Elze, c. The library of Freiligrath came into the collection of J. Sears of Boston. Montgomery Sears, etc. Cambridge, The correspondence between Dr. Seidensticker and Ferdinand Freiligrath is one of interest and importance as shedding new light upon the history of the period.

It will be in place here to review the facts relating to the political con- ditions which occasioned the letters printed below. This brief survey will furnish abundant reasons for the bond of sympathy existing between Dr. Seidensticker and the poet Freiligrath.

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In the political disturbances leading up to the outbreak of , Seidensticker plays a significant role and represents the revolutionary issues of in their relation to those of forty- eight, thus forming a transition from the early political fugitives to America, Beck, Follen and Lieber, who came in the twenties, to the great army of forty-eighters of whom Seidensticker was a forerunner. Seidensticker's part in the revolution of Hannover began with January, While the situation under George IV.

In Gottingen matters came to a crisis in January, , a civic guard was organized with Seidensticker at its head, a city council was elected with him among the number, proclamations were issued, deputations were sent to Hannover and the citizens were furnished with arms. Seiden- sticker and the other participants of this "revolt" were taken prisoners and subjected to penal investigations. Seidensticker and Eggeling were sentenced to life-long imprisonment, the Clara Seidensticker.

Though strenuous efforts were made to transport him to America as secretly as possible, many friends greeted him on the way to embarkation.

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He arrived in America in March, — a few months before Freiligrath landed in England as a political exile. Seidensticker's arrival in America was anxiously awaited and he was greeted at his landing in New York by representatives of the city and a large number of sympathizing citizens. Es war fast zu viel Licht nach so langer Finsterniss. Schmoele, who had six years before proffered his hospitality to Seidensticker, now made good his promise.

In the fall of this year, Mr.

He began at once to solicit contributions for the paper from friends in Germany. It was at this time that he opened a cor- respondence with Ferdinand Freiligrath, who was then sojourn- ing in London. Freiligrath's well-known revolutionary attitude was sufficient guarantee of his willingness to contribute to German papers in America, which sympathized with the cause of liberty in the Fatherland. Fallersleben, Carl Heinzen. Under date of January, , Gustav v.