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Although some of the questions might prove difficult for some novices, most questions are very reasonable and quite thought provoking. All you need to do to play the game is select, or enter, the correct response to each question. Both correct and incorrect answers are acknowledged by the program and Scripture Challenge tracks your scores for each session. Scripture Challenge is well suited for all members of the family. You can sort or reorder the Score history table by simply clicking on the appropriate radio button at the bottom of the window.

These results can be viewed on screen or sent to your printer for a more permanent record. The program automatically stores the results of the last game sessions. A great way to increase your knowledge of the Bible. Visually, very pleasing, nice user interface I love how the mouse pointer goes automatically to where I want it to be, I don't have to spend a lot of time positioning it John L.

With all the bad shareware I see, it's quite refreshing to have quality programs like those you write. It is well designed, and I know I will have hours of enjoyment using it. It is a new method of studying God's Word. Your work is appreciated by Christian youth and youth leaders around this part of the country.

This story of patriotism, bravery abroad and at home, and most of all, deep commitment, sets in a gold frame the very essence of America. The story of G. Joe and Lillie helps us all remember that true love never, ever dies. Combining the most astounding photography with the most terrific information and the most marvelous scripture, this is one of the finest and most elaborate gift books published by New Leaf Press. From the tallest mountains, into the depths of the oceans, to a delicate, frosty leaf on an utterly still morning in autumn, the power and majesty of God are seen as never before in this breathtaking new book from New Leaf Press.

There never seems to be enough time to do all the things we want to do, and often that includes taking the time to study and pray upon God's Word every day like we know that we should.

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Now it only takes five minutes a day to grow in your faith as you enjoy this classic collection of devotions which have been updated for modern readers! This collection is written to be easily understood and to reveal scriptural insights that can be quickly studied. Do one a day for a full two-year study or do two a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, as Spurgeon originally had designed them for a year's worth of devotions.

It's one of the greatest challenges on Earth; an ascent to the top of the world on the slopes of Mount Everest. Eric Alexander experienced grace and a faith-empowering journey he will never forget as part of a record-setting team in May , scaling the heights of Everest with his friend, blind climber Erik Weinhenmayer. Eric has learned much about faith, trust, prayer, depending on God, as well as perseverance during these climbs.

A member of a rare and adventurous group of achievers, he has been instrumental in helping others, often with physical or mental disabilities, to achieve their own dreams as well. While circumstances may seem grim and even hopeless, the truth for every Christian is that today is your best day because you have Jesus. Drawn directly from the text of Job with commentary by creation scholars, Henry Morris and Ken Ham, this volume makes a wonderful addition to any home library. Beautifully reproduced photography draws in even the youngest of readers.

What makes ordinary men and women cross the line and misuse authority? Do we purposely set out to abuse our positions of power? How do we get sucked into the power trap? This book identifies power personality traits, prescribes ways to avoid the pull of power, and reveals the use and misuse of authority. Dangerous tendencies could make you the next victim of fatal conceit. Find out where you stand before it's too late!

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By: Richard W. Don't rely on the government to secure your future - empower yourself with sound economic strategies, solutions, and godly principles today! Unfortunately, America's politicians have no plan to solve our mounting fiscal and monetary crisis. But you don't have to watch this unfold in fear of your financial future. The time for debate is over It's time to prepare! In this revised and expanded release of Bankruptcy of Our Nation, Jerry Robinson offers you the ultimate financial survival guide.

When Ed Sherman, a mathematician with 30 years of experience, and Nathan Jacobi, an Israeli physicist, set out to debunk claims that there were mysterious codes in the Hebrew Old Testament, they could not have envisioned the startling conclusions they would reach. As Dr. Jacobi, an agnostic Jew, looked for lengthy Hebrew codes about Christ, repeatedly he discovered compelling excerpts from the life of the man from Nazareth.

Time and again Dr. Jacobi found that one-or two-word codes were actually part of much longer encoded sentences that echoed the Gospel accounts. Moreover, these encoded sentences were extensively embedded in two passages most widely regarded as prophecies of the crucifixion of Christ Isaiah 53 and Psalms By: R. This resource is a tool to foster the tough conversations and encourage decision-making to change the face and heart of the Church. Read the true stories from people such as Gracia Burnham whose husband, Martin, was killed while serving as a missionary, and Kone Manzi, who was abandoned by her birth mother in Seoul, Korea and adopted by a couple in the United States.

These and other inspirational vignettes are reflected in the powerful and faith strengthening-songs included in the full-length musical CD within the book. The unique book and CD celebrate the importance of serving God and our usefulness within the family of believers. Drawing from his Bible studies for his Sunday school class, Don Reid reflects on the lives of the great-yet-simple men and women of the Bible.

Abraham, Joseph, Esther, and John the Baptist are some of the people included. With a gift for telling a story in a factual, folksy manner, he points out the successes that made these people great, while also describing the weaknesses that made them human. This down-to-earth, amusing look lets us see a little bit of ourselves in the lives of these men and women -and when you get down to it, they were not super-humans; they were just folks like you and me.

Marketplace Memos is a powerful collection of devotionals specifically geared towards the business community. Finding fulfillment in life and work coincides with our alignment with God? A one-of-a-kind rendition of the classical story of Noah and the ark! Written by legendary Oak Ridge Boys member William Lee Golden, this charming story echoes the lyrics of the enclosed free music CD featuring the song "Didn't It Rain" performed by the award-winning group.

Adorable illustrations and the cute story will delight children as they learn about the animals and their adventure on the ark. A fresh and appealing story destined to be a child's classic! Growing up in a small Protestant church in a typical small town may sound quite dull to some folks, but most churches of this sort have plenty of character - and characters! This inspirational anthology tells of the strong, tenacious devotion of the mother for the child.

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These true stories focus on the importune prayers of mothers through sickness and health, broken hearts and lifted spirits, and death and life to reveal the undying love between mother and child. Many of these stories reflect the lives of great women and men of God that have been molded through the requests of a praying mother. Quotations and poetry entwine the narratives in a hardcover gift format that will energize and encourage mothers everywhere. It is no secret that the hand of God can respond in awesome ways when mothers touch heaven. Her home is in Stockton, California, but she travels extensively worldwide speaking at retreats and prayer conferences.

Somewhere in all of this, she has found the time to author 43 books, all on Christian topics. The Bible tells us that people who read and hear the Book of Revelation will be blessed. Many are missing a blessing! Reagan, one of America's leading experts on Bible prophecy, shines a light on the remarkable hope presented in this unveiling of Jesus Christ in His glory. This is a book for all denominations and all ages, lifting up a book for the ages.

Prayers for New Brides - Putting on God's Armor After the Wedding Dress A new wife is seldom aware of the intense spiritual battle threatening her dreams of happily ever after. Often, she enters the marriage without the benefit of great examples, biblical knowledge, and mentors offering Godly wisdom.

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The battle begins and she is unarmed. Can her faith survive?

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Will her marriage become another divorce statistic? Prayers for New Brides will empower her to protect her heart and marriage. He has a battle plan, the power and the resources to win. When a wife knows who God is and what he can do, she can trust Him to sustain her and her marriage. Her joy will be complete as she allows Him to enable her to do more for her union than she can imagine. Share one woman's empowering journey through cancer.

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An inspiring, gentle look at every woman's terror: breast cancer. Written by the wife of one of America's best-known pastors, Ronnie Floyd, this sensitive treatment takes the reader all the way through the stages of cancer: diagnosis, treatment options, emotional issues, and a way forward. Not preachy, but bathed in healing love, this book makes a perfect gift for women from all walks of life. From how to forgive an abusive father, coping with loneliness, to nuturing healthy relationships, and much more-- this book is a tremendously empowering and enriching journey for women out of sadness and pain, breaking a legacy of loneliness and regret, to a renewed hope for their lives.

Included are chapter questions, pages for journaling, and a list of counseling resources. So you're ready for the next chapter in your life?.