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Nancy Grace

Nancy M. Grace outlines the goals and revelations of the interviews, and introduces the community of female Beat writers created in their conversations with the authors. Although they have not received attention equal to the men, women Beat writers rebelled against mainstream roles for young women and were exuberant participants in creating the Beat scene.

Contemporary Literature

Mapping their unique identities in the Beat movement, Ronna C. Johnson shows how their poetry, fiction, and memoirs broke the male rule that defined Beat women as silent bohemian "chicks" rather than artistic peers. Breaking the Rule of Cool combines the interviews with literary criticism and biography to illustrate the vivacity and intensity of women Beat writers, and argues that American literature was revitalized as much by the women's work as by that of their male counterparts.

Ronna C.

The few aborted letters are included in an appendix. Despite Trigilio lodging substantial faults against Skir's typescript, his own editorial work performed here is not without its quirks. Proclaiming he seeks to offer readers "a narrative shape," he orders the poems in the book into four sections which he gives no reasoning for aside from this idea of instilling some idea of narrative—which he claims, "a reader might expect from any full-length collection of contemporary poetry.

Especially taxing is the unfathomable absence of an index. This quickly becomes a tiresome affair. It's ironic that Skir's alphabetically ordered typescript would come in much handier than Trigilio's own text when attempting to utilize Trigilio's notes.

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And for all his thoroughness on a handful of specific poems, there are others where the supplied information is quite slim. Having the possibility that the poem directly ties Cowen to Berman go overlooked is rather regrettable.

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  • Nonetheless, only now is it possible to begin a complete and legitimate acknowledgement of Cowen's literary potential, limited as that may be by circumstance. All of her other notebooks and papers were destroyed upon her death by neighbors as an apparent favor to her parents who seemingly looked askance towards their daughter's lifestyle. This single notebook was luckily in the hands of Skir.

    Problematic as his custodianship may have proved over the years Trigilio notes the many idiosyncratic ways in which Skir both harbored and in some circumstances walled in Cowen material from interested scholars , it's only due to Skir's care that we have these few complete poems and assorted fragments of Cowen's work. Call Us Mon-Thur a.