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Specifications Number of Pages: This is my favorite, immediately actionable, book on the subject. BillsBoard rewards you for simply unlocking your device. Unfortunately, it does prevent you from just locking and unlocking the device over and over for a quick return. Giftloop pays you for doing tasks that you already do on a daily basis, including charging your phone.

SlideJoy rewards you just for unlocking your device and will boost your earnings when you click on the ads displayed. Unfortunately, like BillsBoard , it prevents you from just locking and unlocking the device repeatedly for fast cash. It can also be combined with all other mobile lock screen apps to maximize your earnings. App Trailers is, in many ways, a direct upgrade from Perk TV featured below. You still get paid for doing things like watching videos, but the earnings are currently much higher at 10, 7, and 3 Perk Points per single ad and video watched.

Would you spend 1-2 hours today to automate your savings for life?

It is mostly passive, but when the reward is 10 Perk Points the first 10 or so videos of the day you may be asked the click through the Next or Finish buttons on three 11 second ads. Coin Pop pays you for installing and running games on your phone.

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You can either opt to play them or just let them sit idle. Both options will pay you at the same rate. Unfortunately, the time to each points reward continuously increases, resulting in the earning quickly falling off. As I have not yet hit the maximum time per increment yet if there is one , it does not appear that this is viable as a long-term passive income solution or replacement for Perk TV and more recently App Trailers.

$75 a day autopilot

If you like the games though, it can serve as a nice way to supplement your passive income from your personal device. Update: CoinPop has been consistently adding new games every day to install, play, and earn with. Get paid to shop and dine out? I love the sound of that!

Earn points while watching trailers. You can also watch other content to earn passive income, but trailers are the highest paying due to the short length of each video. Perk TV is completely passive, automatically starting the next trailer and delivering ads when the previous finishes.


While CashMagnet has the potential for higher earnings, at lower levels it is still not a perpetual source of passive income so Perk TV fills in the gaps. It also works with SavvyConnect , unlike Giftloop. App Trailers still earns you perk points, but at a much faster rate with fewer crashes.

Shopkick provides many different ways to earn passively. By shopping online, linking a credit card to earn money back from purchases you were already planning to make, to just walking into the store.

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We recommend watching videos because Swagbucks will automatically queue each new video, allowing you to earn while you sleep. If you regularly shop on your phone or tablet, make sure you go through the Swagbucks app first. Want to get started earning, but not sure where to start? Cardpool best resource for selling gift cards for cash. What are your favorite ways to earn a passive income?